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Ynnovate is a consultancy company specialized in strategic innovation. Ynnovate supports corporations as well as governmental institutions in the realization of innovative opportunities for growth, the development of successful alliances and China business development. The network of partners of Ynnovate provide tailor-made business solutions for Chinese and European corporations and governmental institutions since 1991. Our clients were the private sector (small and middle business as well as multinationals), EU, the national government and Provincial Administrations.
professor Taco van Someren
Ynnovate has a strong interest in the industrial, environmental, renewal energy, and water sector.

Prof. Dr Taco van Someren is the founder of Ynnovate.
He is an expert in strategic innovation and China business development specialised in environment, energy and water sector. He is good at new business development and has an extended experience with cross cultural project management based on his international career at Rothmans International, KPMG, Ynnovate and Universities. He is professor on strategic innovation and sustainability in Chinese and Dutch universities.

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